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Turbo Impala SS
Never Underestimate the Power of the Four Door

Fast Color DGGM on Turbo SS

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    There seems to be a lack of good information about Turbo setups for the Late model 94-96 Impala SS. So here you go all the info you could want under one URL. The pages on this site contain VERY basic Turbo SS info for real info spend some time at the Turbo Links.

Turbo SS Diary no longerdaily

     If you own a late model Impala there is most likely a local club near you. Joining a local Impala club will benefit you greatly. Also think about joining the National Impala E-mail digest and National Club IGBA or NAISSO.

  If you know of a site I missed or have any information that would benefit Turbo SSer's please send me some mail.

ATTN: California Impala SS Owners ATTN
SoCalSS is looking for you.
Click HERE and check out one of the best car clubs in the nation.

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Tad's E-mail:

      If I used a picture or link  that is yours and you don't want it here mail me and I'll remove it as soon as possible. I would like this page to improve our car community, if you would like to suggest a change I am open to suggestions
      I am not an expert on turbos or motors. If you want to talk to an expert fallow my links and get a phone number. All I have to give is my $.02 and an opinion. I will be happy to answer any questions you might have but I might have to defer due to my ignorance.
      This is
not an LT1 LT4 Big Block or Super charger hate page. If you want to send me any of the previous motors I'll be happy to put it in my car!
      If you disagree with me mail me directly! Don't put it on the digest! I might just concede, change my site and thank you for your help.
       This is a place for people to learn about turbo. And also a jump station for people with turbos  to trade knowledge and find parts.
       Selling you a turbo is not my motive. Turbo Tech. and I are in no way related. I will not quote prices for you. I not promising you anything either. Helping Impala SS and there owners go fast puts a smile on my face. Regardless if you do it stock, NA, or forced induction
       I am saving for my own turbo so if you want  send me parts or money go ahead and E-mail me so I can E-mail you my address.